22 Feb 2015

The third step is to post your ads on Craigslist. Most Craigslist users will just post ads so that they show up immediately on the website. However, we don’t recommend that you do that. To create an effective marketing strategy which gains you the most traffic from your ads, you need to time your posts carefully. Choose a certain time of day when your target audience will most likely be browsing Craigslist. That is the time when you will want your posts to first show up. Otherwise, if you were to choose a different time that is not ideal, your ads will quickly be pushed down in rank as more ads are posted. Then your target audience might not notice your ads because they are so far down the list on the category page.

Classified Ad Service can take care of all your posting needs. We can schedule your posts at the appropriate times and days which will earn them the most traffic. If you are unsure of which times are best, we can offer our recommendation to you. After all, our team is an expert at Craigslist posting and we know the best ways to gain the most traffic from ads. That is why you can trust that we’ll maximize your ad traffic when you choose our services.