28 Feb 2015

There are 4 steps involved in our Craigslist ads posting service process. When you hire us to post your Craigslist ads, we will first create a Craigslist account for you on your behalf. This is the account in which all the ads will be posted under. That way, it is a personalized account which remains separate from the accounts of all our other clients. You will have exclusive access to this Craigslist account, aside from our access.

After the account is created, we will begin creating your Craigslist ads. This is one of the most important steps for many different reasons. Craigslist has a lot of strict guidelines relating to the type of content that is acceptable and unacceptable. If you were to post ads which have unacceptable content, then your ads will eventually get removed and your account will be at risk of getting suspended. We make sure this does not happen.