24 Feb 2015

The expert publishers at Classified Ad Service are highly knowledgeable in all the rules and terms of the Craigslist website. These are terms which are regularly updated by the company too. Our publishers stay on top of all these updates to ensure that your content stays in compliance with Craigslist policies. That way, your Craigslist stays safe and strong without any red flags or other controversies.

If you want to provide us with the content to post, we will examine the content and adjust it accordingly if necessary. If your content is already in good shape and adheres to the policies of Craigslist, then we will move forward with the next step. Also, Craigslist allows you to post pictures with your ads as well. If you have any pictures or images that you’d like to include in your posts, then you need to provide them to us. We will make sure they are included with your posts.