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Classified Ad Service is a premier Craigslist posting service which does all your Craigslist posting for you. As you probably know, Craigslist ads will eventually expire after a certain number of days. Meanwhile, your ads get pushed down in rank as new ads get posted by other people. If you want to get your ads seen again, you need to repost them. This can be inconvenient for a lot of people who don’t want to have to log in to their Craigslist account each time they need to repost an ad. Wouldn’t it be great if these posts could be scheduled so you wouldn’t need to do it manually? Well, that’s what we do!

One of the biggest benefits of our services is providing you with the ability to automatically schedule your Craigslist posts. It might not be any big deal to manage one or two posts on your own. But if you have several posts that you regularly want to repost at different times, then scheduling them can make your life so much easier. You won’t have to remember to log in each time just to click repost. Instead, you can let our system automatically repost them for you at the date and time which you set. This takes all the pressure off you as a marketer.

There are 4 steps involved

There are 4 steps involved in our Craigslist ads posting service process. When you hire us to post your Craigslist ads, we will first create a Craigslist account for you on your behalf. This is the account in which all the ads will be posted under. That way, it is a personalized account which remains separate from the accounts of all our other clients. You will have exclusive access to this Craigslist account, aside from our access.

After the account is created

After the account is created, we will begin creating your Craigslist ads. This is one of the most important steps for many different reasons. Craigslist has a lot of strict guidelines relating to the type of content that is acceptable and unacceptable. If you were to post ads which have unacceptable content, then your ads will eventually get removed and your account will be at risk of getting suspended. We make sure this does not happen.

The expert publishers

The expert publishers at Classified Ad Service are highly knowledgeable in all the rules and terms of the Craigslist website. These are terms which are regularly updated by the company too. Our publishers stay on top of all these updates to ensure that your content stays in compliance with Craigslist policies. That way, your Craigslist stays safe and strong without any red flags or other controversies.

If you want to provide us

If you want to provide us with the content to post, we will examine the content and adjust it accordingly if necessary. If your content is already in good shape and adheres to the policies of Craigslist, then we will move forward with the next step. Also, Craigslist allows you to post pictures with your ads as well. If you have any pictures or images that you’d like to include in your posts, then you need to provide them to us. We will make sure they are included with your posts.

The third step is to post

The third step is to post your ads on Craigslist. Most Craigslist users will just post ads so that they show up immediately on the website. However, we don’t recommend that you do that. To create an effective marketing strategy which gains you the most traffic from your ads, you need to time your posts carefully. Choose a certain time of day when your target audience will most likely be browsing Craigslist. That is the time when you will want your posts to first show up.

Classified Ad Service can take

Classified Ad Service can take care of all your posting needs. We can schedule your posts at the appropriate times and days which will earn them the most traffic. If you are unsure of which times are best, we can offer our recommendation to you. After all, our team is an expert at Craigslist posting and we know the best ways to gain the most traffic from ads. That is why you can trust that we’ll maximize your ad traffic when you choose our services.

After the posts are scheduled

After the posts are scheduled, whether daily, weekly, or monthly, the last step is to wait for leads and potential customers to contact you. If you included your phone number or email address in your Craigslist post, then you can expect viewers to contact you directly. Be prepared to be bombarded with people contacting you because the traffic tends to come rather quickly to these listings. It is advised that you don’t give out your primary phone number or email address because of all the messages you will receive.

For those who want to keep

For those who want to keep their contact information confidential, Craigslist does have a system where they hide your actual email address and replace it with a proxy address. Once the visitors contact the proxy address, their message gets forwarded to your real address. This is Craigslist’s way of protecting your real email address from unwanted viewers. Then, if you choose to respond to their message, you can elect to give them your email address if it turns out to be a valid person.

There you go! The process

There you go! The process is not too difficult. We create your Craigslist account, create your Craigslist ads, post the ads in the appropriate city categories, and then wait for you to get your leads. If you need your ads reposted, we will go ahead and make that happen for you too. The only concern you will have is responding to your prospective customers or interested parties.

Another Classified Site


Classified ad websites have been very popular in the United States and Canada. They give businesspeople and laypeople the opportunity to post ads for a variety of different purposes. These could be ads relating to real estate rentals, real estate for sale, merchandise for sale, employment opportunities, services offered, and more.


Unlike the traditional classified ads section that you would find in printed newspapers, classified ads websites on the internet don’t normally charge any fees to publish ads in them. This gives many more people an incentive to post ads, especially if they’re in a financially strapped situation.


Craigslist is by far the most popular classified ads website in North America. Millions of people in multiple cities throughout the United States and Canada post ads on the platform almost every day. It has literally changed the marketing industry forever because fewer people are paying to publish ads in printed newspapers.

Craigslist is by far the most popular classified ads website in North America. Millions of people in multiple cities throughout the United States and Canada post ads on the platform almost every day. It has literally changed the marketing industry forever because fewer people are paying to publish ads in printed newspapers. Why would they want to? Printed newspapers are not read by as many people anymore. On top of that, there are millions of people that use Craigslist every day. This increases your chances of having free ads seen by more people.

But the extent of classified ads websites doesn’t stop with just Craigslist. There are several other classified ads websites too, some of them free and some of them paid. Let’s go over some of the other popular ones now: – They’ve probably got the best domain name in the business. The website gives users immediate access to the classified ads categories, such as vehicles, for rent, pets, personals, services, real estate, jobs and items for sale. It is free to post ads on the website too. – US Free Ads has been around for a long time on the internet. They never grew to be as big as Craigslist, but they are still used quite often by small business people and consumers. – Oodle is more of a community-based classified ads website which encourages people to establish a friend’s list on your account. Then you can see whenever your friends post up ads on the platform.

Making the Choice

Obviously, you will want your posts to be published on websites which have a lot of relevant traffic. You can still benefit immensely from posting your ads on these other classified websites because they have their own loyal viewers too. Perhaps you could attract some of the people to your website who wouldn’t normally visit Craigslist.

However, this doesn’t mean you should dismiss Craigslist from your marketing efforts. Craigslist can simply be another source of marketing for yourself or your business. After all, Craigslist does have the most traffic, so why would you want to miss out on it?

Classified Ad Service can assist you in posting ads on Craigslist and any other classified ads website in the United States and Canada. Although we advertise ourselves as a Craigslist posting service, we are willing to post to other free classified ads websites too.

Just contact us using the contact information at the top of the page and we will discuss your needs further.