16 Feb 2015

After the posts are scheduled, whether daily, weekly, or monthly, the last step is to wait for leads and potential customers to contact you. If you included your phone number or email address in your Craigslist post, then you can expect viewers to contact you directly. Be prepared to be bombarded with people contacting you because the traffic tends to come rather quickly to these listings. It is advised that you don’t give out your primary phone number or email address because of all the messages you will receive.

For those who want to keep their contact information confidential, Craigslist does have a system where they hide your actual email address and replace it with a proxy address. Once the visitors contact the proxy address, their message gets forwarded to your real address. This is Craigslist’s way of protecting your real email address from unwanted viewers. Then, if you choose to respond to their message, you can elect to give them your email address if it turns out to be a valid person.