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Classified Ad Service is a new and innovative online classified ad posting service that is available to everybody throughout the world. We specialize in Craigslist ads posting services since Craigslist is the most popular classified ads website and our clients are best served by posting on there. Our team of publishing professionals are experts in Craigslist and understand the best ways to utilize the strength and power of the platform.

The mission of our company is to provide marketers like yourself with an easy-to-use platform for spreading ads to multiple cities throughout your country. Craigslist organizes their platform by individual cities, so this gives you the opportunity to reach people in different cities as well. As long as your ads are relevant to the people of these different cities, then it will be acceptable to Craigslist standards.

Classified Ad Service started as a small company with just a couple of people. Once it became discovered on the internet, it didn’t take long for traffic to build on the platform. Now we have an entire staff of employees who operate the site and maintain it regularly. We are constantly upgrading the platform and coming up with new ways to make the interface easier and simpler to use. Sometimes we’ll even have special discounts and offers available to our most loyal customers.

Part of the reason for our fast growth and success is our commitment to high-quality customer service and satisfaction. We realize that customers are the backbone of any business and they need to be satisfied and happy in order for us to be satisfied and happy. The entire business model of our platform revolves around customer satisfaction. We make it so easy and simple for people to create ads and post them up on Craigslist at their scheduled time.

We are always available to answer questions or inquiries that visitors might have. There is a “Contact” button on the upper horizontal navigational bar which can be used to send an email message directly to our customer support team. They will typically reply within 1 business day, so you won’t need to wait long at all. If you’re in more of a hurry, there are other contact options available too. Just look at the top of your screen and you will see our phone number, Skype ID, and direct email address. Use these options if you prefer to contact us in any one of those ways.

Classified Ad Service is hosted on a dedicated server to ensure it maintains a 100% uptime status. This will also ensure that the speed of the website is extra fast, so there are no long waiting or load times to worry about. And if you want to find out the latest news surrounding our company or services, simply click on the “Blog” link and you will be brought to our own personal blogging page. On here, you can read the blog posts made by staff members of our company. They will keep you informed on any updates, plans, changes, and discounts to the website platform that are made.

Key Services & Skills


There are 4 steps involved in our Craigslist ads posting service process. When you hire us to post your Craigslist ads, we will first create a Craigslist account for you on your behalf. This is the account in which all the ads will be posted under. That way, it is a personalized account which remains separate from the accounts of all our other clients. You will have exclusive access to this Craigslist account, aside from our access.


After the account is created, we will begin creating your Craigslist ads. This is one of the most important steps for many different reasons. Craigslist has a lot of strict guidelines relating to the type of content that is acceptable and unacceptable. If you were to post ads which have unacceptable content, then your ads will eventually get removed and your account will be at risk of getting suspended. We make sure this does not happen.


The expert publishers at Classified Ad Service are highly knowledgeable in all the rules and terms of the Craigslist website. These are terms which are regularly updated by the company too. Our publishers stay on top of all these updates to ensure that your content stays in compliance with Craigslist policies. That way, your Craigslist stays safe and strong without any red flags or other controversies.


If you want to provide us with the content to post, we will examine the content and adjust it accordingly if necessary. If your content is already in good shape and adheres to the policies of Craigslist, then we will move forward with the next step. Also, Craigslist allows you to post pictures with your ads as well. If you have any pictures or images that you’d like to include in your posts, then you need to provide them to us.

Meet The Team

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Our Clients


Great price for the service offered! The company made it very easy to create new ads and post them to the Craigslist website. They showed up immediately at the time I specified. No other company out t
I wanted a quick way to post my Craigslist ads every week and Classified Ad Service really came through. Not only did they help me create my ads, but they posted them every Saturday right on time. I w
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I am 100% satisfied with these services. I had about 20 different Craigslist ads that I wanted to post in multiple categories over the course of a month. Classified Ad Service did all the posting for
Good classified ad posting services are difficult to come by. But I had no problems with Classified Ad Service. Their website made it easy to get started creating ads and publishing them on Craigslist
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I’ve never gotten so many leads to call me back in my life from Craigslist. But ever since I started using Classified Ad Service, the follow-up calls kept pouring in. I was able to sell my used merc