05 Jan 2019

Classified Ad Service is a premier Craigslist posting service which does all your Craigslist posting for you. As you probably know, Craigslist ads will eventually expire after a certain number of days. Meanwhile, your ads get pushed down in rank as new ads get posted by other people. If you want to get your ads seen again, you need to repost them. This can be inconvenient for a lot of people who don’t want to have to log in to their Craigslist account each time they need to repost an ad. Wouldn’t it be great if these posts could be scheduled so you wouldn’t need to do it manually? Well, that’s what we do!

One of the biggest benefits of our services is providing you with the ability to automatically schedule your Craigslist posts. It might not be any big deal to manage one or two posts on your own. But if you have several posts that you regularly want to repost at different times, then scheduling them can make your life so much easier. You won’t have to remember to log in each time just to click repost. Instead, you can let our system automatically repost them for you at the date and time which you set. This takes all the pressure off you as a marketer.